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Beijing Punk – the documentary

Back in June, we reported that some teasers had surfaced of a documentary done pre-Olympics on the Beijing Punk scene.  You can read what we said about it back then HERE.  Thanks to a comment in that article, left last night by the film maker (we presume), we have been alerted to the official trailer, which you can watch below.  It looks pretty juicy and features lots of chat from Maybe Mar’s honcho Nevin Domer (who still plays in a hardcore band as well as running Beijing’s most exciting label) and lots of footage of the most enduring and great Beijing punk bands Demerit and Misandao.

We’re not sure this will receive SARFT licensing for public release in China any time soon.  Let us know what you think!!  Thanks to Sean Jefford for making this happen.

Official trailer for Beijing Punk – the documentary

Politalk48 – a meeting of minds around the world

In May, a company from Canada brought an event called Transmit China to the Middle Kingdom for the second time. Transmit’s focus was to bring the Canadian Music industry and the nascent Chinese one closer together. Transmit China 2009 featured 5 Canadian bands, playing a showcase in the Star Live, Beijing as well as touring a further 2-6 cities variously. There were also a series of talks and roundtables featuring around 30 Canadian music industry types and their Chinese brethren.  You can see more HERE

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From manufactured ABC Pop to gritty street punk (and other stuff)

After our last post, highlighting some car-crash American wannabee Chinese pop music, the following video has come to light.  Amateur (or professional?) movie maker Shaun Jefford has made a full length documentary called Beijing Punk, seemingly last year, but is looking for distribution currently.

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