Acronyms Monthly: CMC-CAA-EDM-CCO

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Some interesting industry moves this month, bringing with it the requisite quota of Acronyms and Buzzwords.

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has partnered with Chinese investment fund CMC Capital Partners to form CAA China. Sources indicate an old China music hand has been tapped to be boss of this new entity. CAA is notable in the music industry for including in their roster some of the top names in the business, from Beyoncé and Lady Gaga to umm…The Lighthouse Family and AC/DC.

Cutting through the dense foliage of buzzwords in this piece, it appears music and live events will be part of the push with CAA China, and it’ll be interesting to see what their next steps are.

Elsewhere, A2Live, of Storm and EDMz fame, have announced that Eric Reithler-Barros will join their Shanghai team as a ‘CCO’ (Chief Commercial Officer) and Managing Director. The move is not much of a surprise: A2 have been positioning themselves as a China-based ‘conglomerate’ in line with their American counterparts, and Reithler-Barros, formerly of SFX (Tomorrowland, Stereosonic), fits squarely within that image. A bombastic press release says he is a “double threat”, leading A2’s “arsenal” of new ventures: A DJ School and record label among them.

Best part of the announcement, this remarkable corporate profile picture that’s part Boardroom Chic and part Top 100 DJ:

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