Beijing Punk – the documentary

Check out the official trailer to Beijing Punk - the documentary

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Back in June, we reported that some teasers had surfaced of a documentary done pre-Olympics on the Beijing Punk scene.  You can read what we said about it back then HERE.  Thanks to a comment in that article, left last night by the film maker (we presume), we have been alerted to the official trailer, which you can watch below.  It looks pretty juicy and features lots of chat from Maybe Mar’s honcho Nevin Domer (who still plays in a hardcore band as well as running Beijing’s most exciting label) and lots of footage of the most enduring and great Beijing punk bands Demerit and Misandao.

We’re not sure this will receive SARFT licensing for public release in China any time soon.  Let us know what you think!!  Thanks to Sean Jefford for making this happen.

Official trailer for Beijing Punk – the documentary
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