The Radar Guide to launching an EDM Festival in China

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Party Alert! Party Alert!

Have you got an idea for China’s next big EDM festival? You know, the one that gathers all the “ravers” together for one amazing night of “next-level” “mayhem?” The one that will “explode” all of the parties and take everyone to “a different planet”? Your special combination of the same Top 100 DJs that have graced every other EDM festival since the dawn of time?

In 5 easy steps, Radar will tell you how to maximize your reach, leverage your resources and achieve win-win-win-win-winwinwinwinwinwinwinwinwwwwwwww…… T-t-tt-t-t-wiinnniiiirrrlllll-tish – WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP.

Sorry, we had to wait for the drop. Onwards:

#1 – GIFs. Use lots of them.

GIF, JIF, who cares how it’s pronounced.  Just make sure you get animated and extra-pixelated – and make sure you include the “wow” one.

#2 – The Press Conference

The Chinese media will never take you seriously if you don’t throw a press conference. It needs to be big, brash and loud. It doesn’t matter if you don’t announce anything, it’s all about getting in peoples’ faces (and a red envelope in their pockets). The news is that you threw a press conference, not what you announced in it.   

#3 – The Press Release

You need to remind media that you said nothing during the press conference, right? Well make sure you follow up with a good old-fashioned press release.

Never forget the hype cycle in China.

Announce the Announcement -> Announcement of Press Conference -> Press Conference -> Press Conference Recap -> Recap Reminder -> “Festival is IMMINENT” announcement -> Festival is IMMINENT reminder.

You can even grab the media’s attention by using an interesting font like Comic Sans. For extra attention-grabbing news, write your headline in aLteRnAtE cApS to really reach that core Raver demographic.  And don’t forget that % sold out thermometer. That’s the best way to make sure everyone knows that your event is ALMOST SOLD OUT.

#4 – Don’t forget a WeChat post!

If you’re launching a festival in China, you should know that WeChat is king. Make sure every single bit of important info (including the GIFs and photos from your press conference) is published in a WeChat post.

Make sure you really drive home that your lineup consists exclusively of smouldering, brooding, white men. Put the local acts on a separate stage or something.

#5 – Cash is also king

To throw a festival in China, you need money. Lots of money.

A bottomless pit of money.










Well, that’s all you need to know. Go Bananas.

Go forth and show the new generation what the new generation of music is like. Announce the biggest and best line-up in China’s history. People are going to need sell a few gold Apple Watches to pay the ticket price.

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