Festival silly season is almost upon us – first the old

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Once more, our apologies for slow posting. We are 75% through our JUE | Music + Art Festival which is consuming a lot of our time, but all the while, there is festival information filtering in.  We thought we would try and summarize what has come over our desk in the last few weeks.


First, we owe another apology to Modern Sky and Strawberry Festival. We had it on very good authority that the festival would be moving from Tongzhou. Strawberry has announced dates and also locations and the festival will indeed be returning to Tongzhou for the 4th year <the Radar hangs head in shame>. Strawberry will also be coming to Shanghai to the same Expo-side venue that JZ christened in 2011.

According to the press release, there will be 160 bands over 8 stages including 50 international bands. The theme is “Great Escape on Doomsday”

Finally, SMG have managed to get in on the act. In exchange for a lot of coverage (we imagine) the Shanghai Media Group are co-organizers of Strawberry Shanghai.

We’ve heard some of the international bands that will be playing, but we’re not sure they are out in public yet, so best not to say 🙂

Strawberry Festival Shanghai with SMG


Midi have actually put out their lineup for Shanghai already. They will be heading back to Century Park a full week before Strawberry and the May holiday. Midi is once more supporting a cause (remember last year’s bear bile?). In 2012, it’s the turn of clean air to come under the Midi microscope

Midi Festival Shanghai announces

Not much to shout about on the lineup – Marky Ramone will be back after his (relatively) successful outing at Beijing Pop Festival in 2007. Then it’s the usual collection of cultural exchange students.


Remember this one? In Pinggu near Beijing, the Mayor put on a big Livenation partnered jamboree last year with the likes of Avril Lavigne, KT Tunstall and Ladytron.

There have been rumours abounding – we have heard some fairly concrete names – expect flamboyant hip hop, pretty English pop and a high ticket price.

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