Radar Round-up: Heems, New Blog, one man hits up 662 shows and Wooozy Films

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We’ve been on the edges of our seats over the Heems debacle but it seems he’s pulled it together and is set to play his Shanghai show at YYT on the 14th Jan, phew.

Just stumbled across this awesome blog: it’s got some great music coverage, plus put us on to this Chinese-inspired music project called Wei Zhongle.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 17.47.08Here’s the Bandcamp.

As part of our New Year’s resolutions we’re pushing to get to more shows, and what better inspiration to lead the way than Bob Boilen, who made it to 662 of them in a single year! Fair enough he’s in the U.S. but hey, at least we know it can be done. James Blake’s show was at number 3 on his list, which makes us just that little bit more bitter.

Our friends at Wooozy.cn got some press around their Wooozy Community Film series, the last edition of which saw the screening of The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone. They voluntarily subbed the entire thing! Great job.


Have a cracking weekend!

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