More Casualties: Xi’an Zebra Fest Is Off, No Marathons, A Rabbit Rises

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We wrote here the other day that music festivals scheduled for September / October are dropping like flies. Looks like the events have claimed another casualty: Zebra Music’s Xi’an festival. We’ll give our props to Zebra – they’ve managed to pull off successful events in Suzhou, Jinshan (Shanghai) and Chengdu this year. However, it appears that there will be no Xi’an stop for the good people of Zebra Media this year, and that’s a pity.

Music festivals are not the only large-scale outdoor gatherings facing pressure this year. We saw on Twitter yesterday that the Beidaihe Triathalon (!) is the latest victim of certain large indoor gatherings. Clearly, we’re going to get fat as well as sit indoors, in solemn silence, this fall. But at least our lungs will be healthier with the elimination of all outdoor activities. Insult to cultural injury or silver linings? You be the judge.

But all is not lost: a little bunny hopped over to tell us that Rabbit’s Foot – the heir to Black Rabbit – will be happening this fall. Watch this space for a formal announcement in the next few days.

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