CNN x Handsome Furs x Asia

CNN features the Handsome Furs Asian Tour, organized by China based promoter Split Works

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In September 2009, China based promoter Split Works organized an 8 city Asian tour through China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.  The tour was picked up by CNN, who gave Dan and Lex a pair of Flip Cameras to record their exploits.

Handsome Furs, Indie Asia

It’s an interesting move on the part of the white collar, straight-laced news network, one that is well discussed in the comments section of the video series.  CNN have also lined up with the Vice TV offshoot,, in a move to expand their audience.  You can read more about the tie up HERE.

It’s a great set of excerpts, and a good insight into life on the road in Asia’s emerging circuit. Unfortunately, we cannot embed the video.  To watch, you will have to go HERE.

Daedelum Films, a Shanghai based video production company, filmed the Yuyintang show. You can check out one of their songs here:

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