Bob Dylan in Beijing, Baidu goes legit and other linky goodness

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We are pushed for time again this week, but we have been reading lots and there is lots out there. Here are some browser windows we would like to close sometime soon…

Bob Dylan Beijing review

A strange seating arrangement (thanks as always to the wonderful PSB), but by all accounts (a few first hand ones too), it was a special atmosphere with Dylan smiling throughout and even coming back for an encore. Shanghai on Friday night.

Bob Dylan, Gongti Worker's Stadium, Beijing

Baidu to do legitimate music streaming?

In May, Baidu will attempt to distance itself from the slings and arrows fired in their direction over recent years by launching Baidu Ting, a legitimate music streaming service, that will be supported by ad-revenue. The article doesn’t cover important bits and pieces, like how much revenue will be shared with the creators, and it doesn’t seem like the service has reached deals with the major international labels. It also doesn’t say if there will be a mobile element, but anything that publicly recognizes the problems of piracy and tries to address them, especially from a major player like Baidu is to be appreciated.

Modern Sky does a folk and poetry festival in Zhouzhuang

According to Jake Newby at Kungfuology. This festival has been running for a few years, and we assume the organizers are bringing Modern Sky in to legitimize it. Nice lineup, definitely worth a visit.

Strawberry Lineup announced

The Wujiang leg, at least. No real surprises in the listed artists. The festival is pretty cheap though.

Cui Jian 3D show biography

Tentatively titled Stereo Symphony On the New Long March, the roughly 75-minute film will feature footage shot around two New Year’s 2010 concerts Cui gave in December at Beijing’s outdoor Workers’ Stadium cut together with interviews with the rock legend and his fans.

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