It’s All Happening in Beijing – SOTX

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We’re going to be heading to Sound of the Xity (anyone else have problems pronouncing Xity?) to take a gander, catch some shows and cherry-pick some insights from the numerous panels that have been curated for the conference.

The conference has a laudable set of goals which we hope to vamp off in upcoming posts. These include:

(1) stimulating actual progress in the Chinese music industry,
(2) adapting best practices and seasoned formats from abroad,
(3) sharing platforms and content with a distinct local flavour and rhythm,
(4) creating better international awareness of the Chinese music industry, and
(5) realising more and better value with the available content and resources.

There’s a great deal of emphasis on the convergence of technology with music. With a panel entitled ‘The Importance of Electronic Music in the Music Market’ it’s pretty telling that the role of (broadly speaking) electronic music in this market will continue to be a point of focus.

Other exciting topics include:
Services and Gadgets: The Darlings of the Digital Music Era (ft. Wen Ya, Category Director of Amazon China)

The Ecology of China’s Music Education (ft. Zhang FanPresident of Beijing MiDi School of Music, Founder of MiDi Festival)

Sina Weibo: Creating Reverberations for the Dissemination of Music (ft. Jetty Tang, Senior Product Manager of Sina Weibo)

Protecting and Speaking Out for Music IP Rights

Artists get in on the conference action too, with speakers including Howie B, DJ WENGWENG, Moxizishi, Hao Yun and Song Dongye.

We’ll try and get to every panel. Grab a soda and hit the books.

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