Global IP Champion David Lowery Spreads the Word in Shanghai

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Ahead of Cracker’s show on Friday 27th at Yuyintang, David Lowery – who was recently named a Global Intellectual Property Champion by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – will be giving a talk alongside Archie Hamilton (MD, Split Works/Splatter) and 臧彦彬 (Bill Zang, Vice President of China Audio & Video Association, China Record Committee Chairman) about themes concerning the protection of copyrights in the territory and the various challenges artists face asserting their limited rights here.

The event takes place on Thursday at 6:30pm at the US consulate event space. You can register here.

It will be interesting to witness the extent of Lowery’s knowledge, and how his very much ‘western’ mentality comprehends the unique legislative environment we find ourselves in. Here is a brief video that gives an intro into Lowery’s reasoning:

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