Festival Insanity (like, more than craziness)

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Festival shizzle has been getting pretty out of hand in China in recent years. Up from a single genuine contender in 2005, we estimated between 70 and 100 in 2010. 2011 promises to be another exponential step on this vertiginous musical roller-coaster.

Midi are looking at 4 national festivals, Modern Sky want to do 20-odd this year through their eponymous brand and also their Strawberry one. Hangzhou will have lots, Zebra will go national and it seems that cities all over China are racing to have their own festival treasure.

The big curve ball that we picked up today is that LiveNation’s JV partner Gehua have partnered with the Pinggu Village near Beijing to produce the biggest and baddest music festival that China has ever seen.  The kicker?  They are going head to head with both Strawberry and Midi Festivals. All 3 will be in the same locale on exactly the same dates. The difference is that this festival promises the wonderful pop punk princess Avril Lavigne as a headliner.

Avril comes back to play for Gehua Livenation, Pinggu Music Festival

Details are quite sketchy at the moment, but it appears that Pinggu are spending big to try and secure their position as the ultimate creative hub.  We have the following article and it came through Google Translate, so don’t castigate us for our English please…

February 12, Pinggu held “on the 2011 Valley of China International Pop Music Festival” project briefing. Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group Chairman Wang Jianqi and his party came to Pinggu District, to discuss research issues related work music season. District secretary QIU level of deputy secretary, mayor Zhang Jifu attend. District Committee, District Publicity Department, Yan Weihong chaired the meeting.

This year April 30 to May 1, “2011 Valley of China International Pop Music Festival” will be held in Pinggu District, when many top international artists and big bands will perform side by side. Pinggu International Peach Blossom Music Festival as an important part of the “2011 Music Valley of China International Pop Festival” organized by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government propaganda, Pinggu District Government, Beijing Television Station, China Lagoon Management Committee, the Beijing Song co-sponsored Chinese Cultural Development Group. As the highest level of music festivals, the Chinese international pop music festival music valley annually. Music Festival will be the first fashion collection with the strength of the phase, the cast is very strong, will include the famous Canadian rock singer Avril children, Taiwanese pop singer Huang Hu, 20 groups, including domestic and international top bands, singers will take part in music festival performances.

Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group, “2011 Valley of China International Pop Music Festival” in the pre-prepared a detailed report on the situation, and the important work activities, nodes and relevant departments on-site coordination.

Qiu level of stress that Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group and Pinggu District Government is the long-term strategic partner, is currently accelerating forest Pinggu theater, music, museums, music East Palace, West Palace Music, Piazza Horseshoe Valley project and other Chinese music . Hope that both sides work together to strengthen and expand the China International Pop Music Festival Music Valley, and create an international brand. To the Music Festival as an opportunity to fully promote the concept of China’s Lagoon, background, enhance the impact of China’s Lagoon, visibility, making China happy Valley project as future pillar industry of national musical culture, the future of China’s sacred valley of the world’s music.


Pinggu famous musicians recruited into the “Music Valley”
http://www.sina.com.cn 2010 年 08 月 05 日 04:02 Beijing Daily
“This year of planning, five years has shown signs of scale, is expected to put into use in 2020 all.” Yesterday, the level of Pinggu District Party Secretary Qiu music education conference in the world, said the “China happy valley” of the build schedule. After the completion of famous people into the Valley’s work, not only can solve the Beijing account, you can also get free workplace.

5, see beginning of this year, the scale of planning

Qiu said the level, this year, “Chinese Music Valley” will complete the master plan, five years has shown signs of scale.

Under the plan, 2011-2013, “Le Valley” will start the music core industrial areas in advance the construction industry within three years 60% of the construction area, to start the service supporting zones, by 2015, “Le Valley” in the instrument R & D base will be built, a large indoor and outdoor venues will be completed, most of the music studio will be built. 2017 before the full completion of music entertainment district building, in 2020, completed construction of service facilities area, “Chinese Music Valley” completed and put into use.

Upon completion, the “China Lagoon,” an estimated annual production value of billions of dollars, tens of thousands of available jobs.

In addition, Pinggu China Conservatory of Music will conduct all-round cooperation in the “Music Valley” in the Offering Campus, conduct music training. In the future, with more music will Pinggu cooperative education institutions, training and strive to become the country music talents.

Currently, universal primary and secondary schools in the region Pinggu has launched music education, and strive to make every primary and secondary students at least learn to play a musical instrument, so Pinggu truly become the hometown of music.

Into the valley to enjoy the many “free lunch”

Music education conference in the world, “Chinese Music Valley” set up a large booth, Jobs sent to the world’s people post to attract famous musicians, music companies assigned to headquarters and original music studio, construction, including creation center, production center, recording center, photographic camera center, an extension center’s product line, the music industry. For the “famous” definition, the East High town official said: “at least internally known.” According to reports, the details of the preferential policies is being developed.

Pinggu district government will allocate 30 million yuan each year not only for supporting the development of enterprises into the valley, and as long as into the valley, you can enjoy the many “free lunch” – Pinggu standardized plant will be built, into the valley of the musical instrument manufacturer is free to use for three years; China outside the well-known musicians, musician, instrument maker can get a free master into the valley studios; building mountain underground music studio musicians, venue hire is free for three years. Famous music production, distribution, brokerage firms will also receive free registration, free office space. Construction of major performing arts facilities in the Valley, facility maintenance will receive a full subsidy.

In addition, companies such as self-building factories, studios will also receive benefits and subsidies. Million people in the Valley held a large scale music events, will receive 50% of subsidies, making musical instruments, performance and other international or national competition, the Government will provide capital subsidy.

Not only that, “Chinese Music Valley” will also stationed Valley entrepreneurs to provide college students and music lovers at home and abroad “into the valley of the green passage” and enjoy the benefits, support and other policies.

Liu Hao RJ063 reporter


News Background

Pinggu spend billions

Create the “China Fun Valley”

Pinggu East High Town, has 20 years of violin making history last year, the town’s output reached 300,000 violin, sold more than 40 countries on 4 continents and regions of the world market, Jin Sancheng violin. It is the fate and music, so Pinggu have to create “Chinese Music Valley” idea.

“Chinese Music Valley” area is divided into the music industry, music, entertainment and theme of education services supporting the area. Music industry development, and manufacturing areas to trade instruments, music education and training, music creation, music exchange exhibition at the core, including the musical instrument industry park, the International Performance and Exhibition Park, musical performances, international music education and training parks. Music theme of education and entertainment district including the International Museum of musical instruments, audio-visual museum of folk music, music, interactive zones, will build the first domestic and related to the contents of the original ecology of music entertainment at the core of the Music Valley. Ancillary services areas, including commercial, hotel, residential, sports and parks.

China Lagoon City project has secured 100 million yuan investment in the first phase, completion of the project is expected to reach 15 billion yuan investment.

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