Bob Dylan's Asia tour has been cancelled

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We were quite quick on the uptake, announcing Dylan had plans to tour the region HERE.

However, we seem to have missed the fallout.  The Beijinger has done an excellent investigative job on the proposed tour, and you can read all about it HERE.

According to Sun MengJin, one of the foremost Western music champions here in China, Broker Bros were trying to mark up the Dylan shows by 60%.  Dylan’s Western agent was looking for US$250k a show, BBH were trying to onsell the shows for US$400k a pop.  According to the Beijinger’s translation of Mr. Sun

I mean, how money-driven can you be? Don’t they know about the international standard of maximum 15% for agent fees? 400,000 dollars for the 8,000 seated Shanghai Grand Stage, it’s impossible to make the money back by selling tickets. Those people are whistling ‘blowing in the wind’ while their black hearted money are also blowing with the shit out of their ass. FYI, there will be a day when Dylan is too old to sing.”

BBH have denied the claims and blamed the Shanghai Culture Bureau, who seem to get it in the neck every time there is a problem.

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