Wooozy Community Film Series Goes Large

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Wooozy are back with another billing of carefully curated, subbed up films, but this time they’re going far and wide with the screening, covering eight cities in total.

Wooozy Community Film#6 Overall poster print

The Wooozy Community Films series was of course the brainchild of the team behind online music zine/community Wooozy.cn. The first screenings took place in November 2011 across Shanghai and Beijing. The point of the series is basically to make amazing music docs accessible to local fans (along with in-house subtitling) and to provide a space for musos to gather and share in some good times.

In the organisers’ words:

We hope that the screenings will foster a sense of community and camaraderie between music fans in each city.“

Featured films:

Pulp: The Story Of Common People

This is a classic from the BBC. 

Pepperoni Playboy ft. Mac DeMarco

DeMarco’s ‘Macumentary’ was filmed during his Asian tour, which was put together by the chaps over at Scorched Asia.

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