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The guys at Wooozy.cn have put together an epic mixtape entitled “The Sound Of Young China 2014″. As you can probably guess, it aims to showcase the best sounds coming out of the country, with the aim being to help foreigners (music lovers and industry folk alike) wrap their heads around our unique sounds!

Wooozy.cn has been covering the on-goings of China’s music industry since 2009, but for the most part (as you can tell from their CN-only editorial) their efforts have been focused on building domestic awareness in anything other than your usual common-denominator c-pop or imports from the surrounding region and the west. The peeps behind Wooozy sleeplessly scour the land, providing Chinese-language recommendations and quality editorial for true music fans across all genres.

We hope you will have a listen and share the mixtape with your friends! Any feedback? Let us know what you think of the effort!

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