Maybe Mars – busy as bees

News on indie label Maybe Mars' upcoming releases

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Cult independent label Maybe Mars is up to a LOT. They have about 8 releases coming up over the next few months, and we are pretty excited about, well, most of them. There is also a pretty awesome compilation that they may or may not release, depending on negotiations with a big label counterpart.

So anyway, here are some of the upcoming goodies:

  • Zoomin’ Night – a compilation of young experimental bands (see a review of the night HERE)
  • Generation Six – a 4-way split with young up-and-coming bands (Rustic / Birdstriking / FLYX / Old Fashion)
  • Guai Li
  • Dear Eloise – Yang Haisong’s side project
  • Boyz & Girl – Taiwanese band newly signed to Maybe Mars
  • Proximity Butterfly
  • also Rustic is going into the studio to record their first full-length produced by Yang Haisong

Keep truckin’ the Mars. We love your work!

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