Adam Wilkes (re)joins AEG

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Ten years is a long time in the music industry. A decade is almost unimaginable as a foreigner in China’s forbidding musical landscape. Adam Wilkes can point to being one of the only, if not the only Westerner to have done this kind of time here in China’s live music arena, and he has an impressive CV.

From hip-hop impresario pushing forward the talents of Andrew Ballen at Club Pegasus, to senior VP of AEG Live responsible for Asia, where he will be in charge of creating a viable Asian touring circuit for AEG’s roster of live entertainment, Adam has been intimately involved with almost every big company this site has admired from afar: a founding partner in China West (James Brown, Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce), Emma Entertainment (Linkin Park), Ticketmaster (Linkin Park #2, Celine Dion) and most recently 8th Round (the recent NBA game, Usher) he brings the maximum amount of big live event experience to AEG Live, who in our humble opinion are lucky to have him.

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