Simple Life Urban Folk Talent Competition

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Back in May, Simple Life launched a talent competition that will span 6 cities, culminating in a finale to be hosted during the festival in Shanghai. There are two requirements for entry: that artists sign up to StreetVoice 街声网站, and that artists must embody the “musical expression of urban folk”.

According to the website, urban folk is a kind of musical expression which requires that we face ourselves honestly, deeply and delicately, within the context of our relationship with society and nature. It’s fairly open to interpretation.

Sign Up Instructions:

  • Register at StreetVoice 街声网站
  • Upload at least 3 original songs (these can be in any language, or purely instrumental)
  • Choose a city (6 cities: Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Xi’an)

Judging Panel:

Yunlin Huang – Senior Producer, Singer/songwriter from Taiwan

Youdai Zhang – Radio VJ

Xin Wang – Shanghai Xinxin Xiangrong MD, music Critic / Music Promoter

Xiaoshu (Hongshu Chen) – StreetVoice Music Channel, Director

Linhai Deng – Senior Media Worker

Live Selection:

  • Each candidate will have the opportunity to perform one song.
  • The panel will score the candidates based on their performance and musical creativity.
  • One band or artist will be selected as the winner in each city.
  • After the six on-site selections, the panel will select another 3 bands or artists from across the six cities, adding them to the six finalists.

Sign Up Date: 2015/05/19 – 2015/6/30

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