Incoming: PSY on China TV

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If you thought the specter / international dance phenomenon / long international nightmare of ‘Gangnam Style’ was over, we have unfortunate news to report: PSY will be ubiquitous in China once more this Spring Festival (Chunjie) season. The 34-year old Korean rapper, known to many of his Chinese fans as “Uncle Bird” has already booked appearances at the Jiangsu Song concert in Nanjing (on February 2nd) and an appearance on Shanghai Dragon Television’s Spring Festival Gala.

If you’ve been living on the Siberian taiga for the last 70 years, in 2012, Psy shot to global fame with his hit single “Gangnam Style.”  The music video has already exceeded 1 billion views on YouTube and PSY himself has over 4 million followers on China’s Twitter-esque Sina Weibo, netting him the designation of No. 1 celebrity for 2012. “Gangnam Style” (or “江南style” even has its one animated emoticon on the service.


Edit 2/1/2013: Correction, that should be Dragon TV (东方卫视) not Phoenix TV (凤凰卫视).

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