Brandon Flowers cannot sing!

How is it that the Killers is so huge when leadman Brandon Flowers can't sing?

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As we sit in our pyjamas, nursing heads full of cotton wool on this Saturday-like-so-many-others, it becomes clear that the Radar must get something off it’s chest.  It’s not about music in China, but it is something that has been bugging us for much of the 4 years since the sophomore release of the Killers first album, Hot Fuss.  How is it that a band can be so big when their lead singer cannot sing?

Brandon Flowers was everything that a front man should be when they burst onto the scene in 2004 – good looking, stylish, intelligent and he had that desire, that all-consuming burn to be the biggest, the best.  On the retro-80’s glam and jive of that first album (which was our album of the year that year, by the way) his voice seemed to work, even to help the music.

But in the interim, it has become apparent that the reed thin, tremulous larynx of Mr. Flowers is not cut out for anything bigger that your front room.  It’s not even that he sings a little bit off some of the time.  It is that he sings for the majority so incredibly flat and misses some notes by such a huge margin that it is actually painful to listen to him.  And so it is, on the eve of the release of their third studio album, that the radio subjects me to another hour and a half of Killers car-crash, and like the aforementioned pileup, I just cannot drag my ears away from it.  I still hope after seeing them in a small room and then headlining a festival, as well as enduring at least 3 full length live recordings, that something is wrong, and that he is suddenly going to say “Hey, I’m only joking.  I can actually sing these great songs really well”, but it still hasn’t happened, and it is becoming apparent that it never will.

Yet still we are considering them for an appearance here in China, some time in 2009 and in the same vein, they still seem to get the most incredible amount of support and media love.  Is it because everyone feels a bit sorry for them, or is it because everyone still loves them for Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me?  As the clock rolls towards midday here in China and even the guitarist seems to be hitting duff notes in this “Live from the Albert Hall in London”, we just wish someone would put them (and us) out of their misery.

  • Cindy Ramos

    His voice is so effortlessly perfect. I had the pleasure of hearing him rehearse before a show. That voice is magic!

  • Jack Redrum

    He has a great voice which brings to mind shades of Roy Orbison and Elvis. He sings many of their songs beautifully and has a fantastic range. He does sing with a dark timbre, which makes it difficult for any singer to avoid pitchiness, but I can’t imagine anyone else bringing their great songs to life.

  • Whors

    As with many contemporary musicians, Mr. Flowers sings much, much better in a tempered environment. Singing on stage against a flurry of other sounds is too much of a challenge. Mr. Flowers sings very well in a small room with just his guitar.

  • cattyface

    I saw the Killer’s in 2007 to a fully packed arena. He sounded great live in the large venue and I hope to see them again one day. Brandon can sing well to large crowds too.

  • Whors

    Catty, you have to admit though that he sings a lot better now than in 2007.

  • cattyface

    I can’t agree with you on that. I’m a follower from the beginning and feel he’s lost his passion somewhere along the road. I still think he’s talented but I loved them long before 07. The first two albums are in my eyes the best. Just my opinion.

  • Whors

    If that’s what you feel, I won’t dispute you on that. But I have to disagree with you on Brandon losing his passion. The Killers, yes. But Brandon? Unlikely.

  • Frank J. Larssen

    To me he is the only singer in the world that can sing sharp and still sound great. Not a great “singer” perhaps, but he has one of the greatest sounding and unique voices on earth. Art is not about perfect angles and perfect pitch – sadly this beauty is inconceivable for sine-wave brains. Btw – you should check out Stephen Hough our Hiromi Uehara. They both have impeccable tuned pianos and plays perfectly as well.


    I agree with Frank. Flowers is a fantastic musician. I love and appreciate that he is authentic and real among a world of boring and bland perfection. But then again, I believe we should mold our craft (art) into something unique and personal.

    I have a very unique voice that made me write around my voice rather than what I really wanted, to sound like the popstars! haha I know my place

    Feel free to check it out and critique my lame voice


    Catty I’m too a long supporter Brandon. He’s very inspirational. I posted my song in an above comment stranger on the stairs. I would love to have you as a follower! you’d be number 1!


    haha it was awful drumming! but i think thats why i loved it so much. she did what was needed.

  • Wilmer E Henao H

    This guy is one awful singer. Everytime I hear “read my mind” I go and delete that song from my station.

    Pay attention to the 5 seconds after the link I pasted below. He can’t get that high… it hurts, the rest of the song is the same.

    I just googled if someone else noticed this. The author nailed it, the only thing good was their album from 2004. After that, it just hurts.

  • windowsmobile4eva

    I think you should cut him slack. He hits bum notes and sounds weird because that is what his voice sounds like. Literally everyone who sings these days is having their voice autotuned and anyone can be a great singer if a machine is keeping them in key. The Killers used autotune on their first album only, which is why you think his voice sucked after that. I like his voice because it’s real.

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