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Some UK press this time around

Posting has been a bit light recently.  We’ve been on tour, and a very interesting tour it was too.  More later.

If you haven’t had your fill of Western media talking up the Chinese Rock Revolution, here is one more.  This time, Britain’s Telegraph has an angle on branding and youth culture.  Pepsi’s Voice of a New Generation is featured, as is Converse’s Love Noise, plus vignettes from Michael Pettis and Yang Haisong.

Enjoy it in full HERE.

Pepsi to start record label?

According to Media, Pepsi has decided to set up its own record label as an offshoot of the Voice of a New Generation reality TV show/ Battle of the Bands.

The new label, Q Music, will represent the winners/ second place/ all bands, who we suppose will enjoy some semblance of fame and fortune at the end of the campaign.

This is in keeping with the traditional music model here in China – find singer -> get them on TV -> singer gets famous -> singer gets lots of endorsements -> label cleans up

but in reverse, where reality TV makes the star, as has been the recent trend.  This is Pepsi seeking to maximise their investment in the campaign, by tying these young bands to 360 deals and benefitting in perpetuity from their moment in the spotlight.

Does it help bands generally?  Will Q Music’s A&R department look beyond TV talent shows?  Are a carbonated drinks brand the best people to be guiding these young bands?  Are the bands entering these deals with their eyes wide open?  We sorta doubt it, but we are happy to be proved wrong.

More Pepsi – an early review of a US$35m Battle of the Bands

Last weekend, we were invited to the 3rd episode of the Pepsi “Voice of a New Generation”, the televised Battle of the Bands competition that Pepsi have spent US$35m on. We have spent time and energy on profiling this competition. You can see HERE and HERE.

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Big Accident at Pepsi Competition…

Substandard production at a Pepsi competition in Guangzhou resulted in several people being injured when the stage capsized (WTF??). Taiwanese singer Pan Yuwen was on stage at the time. Word on the street is that the both the brand and the local promoter (Guangzhou ChangLong Group) requested all media NOT to report on the accident. Plus ca change, huh?

UPDATE: Pepsi release some information/ defend the production HERE.

UPDATE2:  Since the Tudou video is now blocked, we have found another place to view.  We are good to you people!

Video of the accident at Pepsi’s competition in Guangzhou

You can see the video below:

Another video of the accident at Pepsi’s competition in Guangzhou

Vox Rock

UPDATE: We got the link wrong.  It works now!  Sorry…

We’re BACK.  Sorry about the spotty updates, but we’ve been taking things easy and it’s been great.  However, we are now back in the saddle, so expect things to drift back to normal over the coming weeks.

Anyway, we’ve talked variously about the high profile and controversial Voice of a New Generation, sponsored by Pepsi.  If you are interested, then we’ve just come across an official-ish English language blog.  You can read about the cola-tastic competition


Some Pepsi BoB from the trenches

Good friend Andy Best has some first hand feedback from the Chinese interweb on his excellent blog regarding Pepsi’s ambitious Battle of the Bands competition. We announced Voice of a New Generation last month and you can find the original post here.

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