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Pepsi to start record label?

According to Media, Pepsi has decided to set up its own record label as an offshoot of the Voice of a New Generation reality TV show/ Battle of the Bands.

The new label, Q Music, will represent the winners/ second place/ all bands, who we suppose will enjoy some semblance of fame and fortune at the end of the campaign.

This is in keeping with the traditional music model here in China – find singer -> get them on TV -> singer gets famous -> singer gets lots of endorsements -> label cleans up

but in reverse, where reality TV makes the star, as has been the recent trend.  This is Pepsi seeking to maximise their investment in the campaign, by tying these young bands to 360 deals and benefitting in perpetuity from their moment in the spotlight.

Does it help bands generally?  Will Q Music’s A&R department look beyond TV talent shows?  Are a carbonated drinks brand the best people to be guiding these young bands?  Are the bands entering these deals with their eyes wide open?  We sorta doubt it, but we are happy to be proved wrong.

More big brand BS

Helen Feng is one of the more influential people in China’s music scene.  She combines educating (she is a DJ at one of Beijing premier radio stations) with expressing (she fronts two Beijing bands – Ziyo and rising stars Pet Conspiracy) with helping, giving her time and expertise to anyone with their heart in pushing forward the music scene in China.

Pet Conspiracy

She was recently involved in the Voice of a New Generation that we have featured on this blog a bit recently.  This is what she had to say about it:

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Some Pepsi BoB from the trenches

Good friend Andy Best has some first hand feedback from the Chinese interweb on his excellent blog regarding Pepsi’s ambitious Battle of the Bands competition. We announced Voice of a New Generation last month and you can find the original post here.

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Pepsi Announce Battle of the Bands, proper style.

With a RMB1m prize purse (including cash, equipment, a national concert tour and recording time in LA), and “up to 5,000 concert auditions”, Pepsi have made a commitment to the “real” Chinese underground music scene by announcing a new reality TV program to air over 7 months on the Zhejiang satellite network.

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