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Chinese Electronica Struggles to Travel

Today, a guest post from Radar chum Michael Ohlsson.  Michael is a 7 year veteran of the Shanghai/ Chinese music scene.  He leads the Antidote crew, an electronic touring and booking collective, and has recently added Shanghai’s Dada Bar to his arsenal.

While Beijing’s indie rock scene has been acquiring (perhaps a bit too much) hype over the past couple years, the Chinese electronic music scene lags behind.   When I first arrived in China in the early half of last decade, I watched and listened to the independent music talents here and thought for sure it would be the other way around.

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Fat Review

Ben Houge is on sabbatical.  His year away from the day-job — writing the scores for computer games — has thus far been filled to a wild array of installations, experimental noise-scapes and making Shanghai’s best tacos (self-proclaimed).  The contents of this biography come from his Twitter feed (@aleaboy).  You can also find him at his website.

Ben was invited to participate in the inaugural Fat Art Festival in Beijing.  He very kindly agreed to review it for this publication.  Not only did he do it, but he did it 2 days after he performed at the festival, and more, the review is ace.  Better than us Radar writers who are still struggling with Part 2 of last year’s October festivals review.  Part 1 is here.

Without further ado, Ben Houge on Fat Art’s opening weekend:

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