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Presenting Wawawa: China’s Answer to iTunes?

Partnering with IODA, Beijing-based digital music provider R2G launched the Wawawa (for the moment, Internet Explorer only now Firefox-friendly) online music store this month. The subscriber-based model has a catalogue of over one million full-length recordings of international music, and could present a welcome alternative to the “short tail” pirated recordings found on Chinese search portals like Baidu.

It’s an interesting and ambitious project, and time will tell if China’s netizens will warm to the idea of paying for mp3s. No word in the below press release on how the songs will be priced, but if Wawawa is user-friendly, tailored to the Chinese market and to individual subscribers, and attractively priced, it may just achieve a critical mass (we’re thinking of iTunes here), where customers are willing to shell out money for a breadth and depth of catalogue with reliably better quality recordings than Baidu’s current offerings.

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