What is China Music Radar?

China - constantly changing, growing fast. The music industry is too - read all about it in the China Music Radar blog.

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Welcome to China Music Radar, a metaphorical finger on China’s musical pulse.

Maintained by Shanghai and Beijing-based promotions company Split Works, CMR is a network of writers, musicians, and industry insiders operating in China. Our goal is to demystify China’s music business by communicating to the international community the latest news and realities on the ground here. We hope that filling this vital information gap will help to cultivate China’s emerging music scene, and offer exposure and opportunity to a new generation of musical talent.

As China sees unprecedented levels of development and investment, the country’s arts have arrived late to the party. But with the ongoing commitment of musicians, entrepreneurs, and government officials, this area too has the potential to boom. We’ll bring you all the essential info and debates swirling around the myriad challenges faced by the scene here: government censorship, intellectual property issues, and more.

We’ll also explore the promising developments: trends to watch, up-and-coming artists, and pioneering new business models.

We welcome reader comments, and encourage you to contribute to the discussion.

— China Music Radar

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