America bringing Country Music to China

James Stroud is bringing a host of American country stars to China

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It’s being reported that industry veteran James Stroud has “done a deal with China” (whatever that means) to bring a whole host of Nashville’s finest (we presume) to the Middle Kingdom.  The Crooks-ian orgy will commence in Hunan (where else) in May.

For more on this, please head here…

Thanks to the boys at 3bm for the heads up…

  • SwiftJames

    Wow, Toby Keith, a popular icon in China, scccccccccccccary

    A part of me is thinking “god that’ll never happen, Chinese crowd wouldn’t buy into this”, but then another part of me knows how impressionable the Chinese crowd is; this plus their facination with the West. They’ll probably buy into anything “from the west” if it is marketed right. You know, like how they market Richard Clayderman; country music as “high art” ect. It might happen, next thing you know there will be thousands of hard-core country fan around you (eeeeek).

    I need to “do a deal with China”.

  • who

    No one from the west has become popular icon in China yet, and I highly doubt there will be one. Generally, Chinese people just don’t take western stars seriously, and they’re not that interested in “art”…

  • SwiftJames

    I agree that they’re not interested in “art”, but I can think of a couple of Western “artists” that got famous in China from when I grew up in China as a kid. One example is Richard Clayderman (理查德克莱德曼, sorry for keep bringing his name up but how he can have such a sucessful career and how “classical lovers” in China have all heard of him is something that I obsess with

    another one that was popular when I was young was Michael Jackson (for obvious reason), and also for some reason, Bananarama. I seem to remember Michael Jackson and Bananarama are the only two artists whose CDs I can find in CD shops when I was young. So those two (and Richard Clayderman in the classical category) solely represent the “Western art” category in most CD shops in China in the late 80’s, early 90’s

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