T in the Park to China?

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About a year ago, reports surfaced that the organizer of one of the UK’s biggest festivals, T in the Park, had visited China:

 …Mr Ellis said he had already toured potential sites and spoken to the governor of a province on the east coast of the country with hopes of staging an event in 2013. He claimed he had received “encouraging noises” from officials….


We didn’t think any more about this until Cool DJ Agency sent a newsletter around advertising the warm up to their “Great Wall Music Festival“. It contained this image:

T in the Park comes to China?

If you look very carefully, you can see that the main stage already has T in the Park branding, and Radio 1 // NME sponsorship of the second stage.

Expect a dance heavy lineup, with a certain French electronic superstar rumored to headline.

Fatboy Slim headlined the first edition of the GWMF in 2011 with mixed results and it was put on hiatus last year. Video here of what to expect (Vimeo only)

The Great Wall music festival! from joi on Vimeo.


  • Year of the Snake

    The website has a Live Nation logo on the main stage…..

  • chinamusicradar

    Thanks for your comment. Which website?

  • brackishwater

    Haha…the Great Wall Music Festival website has a “ticket meter” that appears to show that roughly 90% of Early Bird tickets are sold out. Difficult to believe when they haven’t even gone on sale yet.

    Elsewhere, on their event page on gettickets.cn, there is a photo of a party that is clearly not one of theirs. I’ve been a little wary of this agency ever since the Calvin Harris debacle.

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