Bieber Incoming

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Last week we told you Metallica was coming to Shanghai, Metallica sold out in Shanghai in 6 minutes, and even got in a not-so-subtle 1D dig. We guess the universe is a bubblegum pop fan, however, because this week brings the news that Justin Bieber is coming to China. Yup.

QQ Entertainment reports, from a screen shot of the teenybopper heartthrob’s website, that the Biebs will be playing shows in Beijing, Dalian and Shanghai over the October holiday this year. Do you think there are enough Mainland Beliebers for the shows to sell out faster than Metallica? We can’t wait to see.

Whilst fact-checking this little bit of news using the Google machine, we also came across this (satirical) gem. Considering the kind of shenanigans Bieber’s been in the news for recently, life just might imitate art come September.

  • xinix

    Hello,I’m a fan of Justin Bieber in China,could you pleaes tell me the thing that if he would come to China?

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