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we’re baaaaccckkkk!

Hello good people. Did you miss us? We missed you…

After 10 days of jungle/ beach inspired relaxation, we are back in the saddle and ready to roll. Here are some things we missed

  • Usher in Beijing – apparently a success with just over 7,000 tickets sold (very late-buying public by the sounds of things), a duet with Wang Lee Hom and lots of club based promo events. A review HERE (Xinhua – take with very large grain of salt), a short news piece on MSNBC HERE, and a video

  • the Guangzhou Niu Yu Zui festival, which, according to a friend of the Radar who was involved in programming a stage (that apparently didn’t get a PA or power for the entire weekend), took the concept of mismanagement and disorganization to another level (review to come)
  • the Suzhou Vitality/ Huli/ government sponsored thingie featuring Sinead O’Connor and Simple Plan. We are trying to secure a review of that as well, although word on the grapevine is that Suzhou was also incredibly poorly organized and attended.

This does seem to be the year of the Music Festival in China. The problem is, there is little, if any real experience in running a proper music festival here in China and let’s face it, a music festival is a very difficult beast to tame. There will be many more incidences of inadequate festival organization in the months/ years to come.

More music festivals

Things have been going crazy on the festival front in 2010. After our prediction at the beginning of the year that governments would take a much closer look at the possibilities of hosting their own music festivals, we have the following

Inmusic Festival is back

The festival in Mongolia’s grasslands is back. It will be over the same weekend as Fuji Rock in Japan (30/7-1/8) and although there are just Chinese bands on the bill at the moment, rumor has it that Panic at the Disco! and CocoRosie will be appearing. After the problems last year (lack of grass/ facilities/ subpar treatment of bands) plus the 4-7 hours drive to get to the festival, it will be interesting to see how people react to the festival this year. It’s definitely a cool place, so if you haven’t already, you should check it out

Suzhou’s Huli Festival

This has definitely been an up and down affair. Artists have been left in the lurch for an incredible amount of time, and so the offers must have been good (we can attest to the fact that they were). In any case, full fees have been received in advance, so we will be seeing Sinead O’Connor and Simple plan, alongside a host of Chinese stars: 张震岳(Chang chen-yue); 张悬(Deserts Chang); 黄家强(Wong Ka Keung Steve/ bass of famous HK band-Beyond); 许巍( Xu wei);  汪峰( Wang Feng); 郑钧( Zheng Jun); 张楚( Zhang Chu); 熊宝贝( Bear Babes-Tai wan Indie/folk band)  脑浊( Brain failure)  瘦人乐队( thin man/hard rock) 谢天笑( x.t.x)


It seems that the Hangzhou government have earmarked Hangzhou to be China’s capital of culture. Added to the Xihu festival that happened 2 weekends ago (we are awaiting a review from a reluctant contributor), the organizers of Inmusic will be organizing a “Big Love” festival there, the day after Chinese Valentine’s day (August 15-16), plus there will be another festival during the October Golden Week.

It’s going to be another busy summer!

Suzhou Huli Festival

You may remember we had a bit of an issue with a Suzhou Government sponsored festival confirming a rather big band for their event when they really hadn’t. Green Day, Glay and Cui Jian who were all “confirmed” have now been replaced by Sinead o’Connor, Simple Plan, 张震岳, 黄家强, 痛仰, 瘦人, 许巍, 汪峰.

The organizers led the bands a merry dance though. They “offered” on a huge number of artists, most of whom accepted (the terms were pretty generous). They then went quiet for a while and when pushed, told us that the artists that had accepted the offers were being put before the Suzhou government for selection. When 90% of the bands that had received “offers” were subsequently rejected, there were plenty of peed off Western music industry folks and yet another feather in the cap of China’s international music industry reputation…

But hey, we’ve got Simple Plan. It’s gonna be one massive government organized jamboree…