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Some UK press this time around

Posting has been a bit light recently.  We’ve been on tour, and a very interesting tour it was too.  More later.

If you haven’t had your fill of Western media talking up the Chinese Rock Revolution, here is one more.  This time, Britain’s Telegraph has an angle on branding and youth culture.  Pepsi’s Voice of a New Generation is featured, as is Converse’s Love Noise, plus vignettes from Michael Pettis and Yang Haisong.

Enjoy it in full HERE.

Music Matters #4 – More industry numbers

How about some more numbers? (FYI, the beginning of the conference was largely putting the 2009 Asian market into context from a numerical perspective). We put the second and third speeches together. First up was

MARCEL FENEZ (PWC Entertainment Global Practices Leader – quite some title). His numbers were as follows:

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