Festival Action

There was a time that this humble blog was one of the only places to access English language information about festivals in China. No more! There is some great and in depth information on the Beijing festivals over at Beijing Gig Guide (Midi | Strawberry) and one of the most comprehensive lineup analyses of any Chinese festival over at GoChengdoo covering the Zebra Festival.

MIDI Festival

Over at Beijing Daze, there is a small amount of doubt lingering over MIDI Festival 2011. Certainly we’ve heard a couple of reports that the sensitive spring that we are having might be putting spanners in the various MIDI works (and those of Strawberry too, truth be told). Of course, there were issues with nationalistic Japanese flag burning last October, something that the NY Times somewhat sensationally covered. We predicted…

That Midi to Shanghai rumour

OK, so Midi Festival has been coming to Shanghai for, like, 5 years now. But 2011 promises to be different. According to some (perhaps premature) band microblogging, it seems that Midi will be taking place in Century Park, Shanghai on May 6-8. That’s the weekend at the back end of the May National holiday. Anyone else heard the rumour?

What do we all want for the Music Industry in 2011?

Inspired by our friends over at Hypebot (things I hope for in the new music industry in 2011), we decided to put our own list together, Things We Hope For the Chinese Music Industry in the Year of the Rabbit. Rather than do it all ourselves (and take all the subsequent glory/ wrath), we enlisted the help of several of our fellow industry colleagues, trying to blend a good mix…