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Lupe Fiasco in China

UPDATE:  Sorry.  This is now NOT happening.  Apologies for those of you that got overexcited.

Hot Damn. Hip-hop legend in the making Lupe Fiasco is coming to Shanghai (we’re not sure about Beijing). He will play at M1NT on December 5th, according to Smart Shanghai.

This is a serious coup for the Bund-siders.  Lupe is one of the hottest talents in hip hop (although he has held that title for a couple of years now – he claims vocally to be disappointed not to be one of raps hottest 2 or 3, alongside Jay-Z and Kanye by now). He is a consistantly good wordsmith with a great ear for a tune.

For those that don’t know, M1NT was a members club for about 5 seconds, and is 2009′s venue of choice for the same crowd that once were “loyal” to Attica, Lounge 18, Bar Rouge et. al.  Prepare for crazed ticket buying fo’ this one, fo’ real.

Listen to Lupe’s latest single Fire, which bravely samples Hendrix and actually gets away with it:

Remix 1122095-tiny Lupe Fiasco – Fire [New track by Lupe Fiasco , Samples Hendrix!!! Hot as hell!!] by 1164051-tiny B_Boldt

WuTang in Beijing

In June, Split Works brought hip hop legend and all round good guy Ghostface Killah (he of WuTang Clan) to China.  They made a video of it.  You can see it here

Check out Wutang Clan’s video of frontman Ghostface Killah in Beijing

Hip Hop in China

Time Magazine have a habit of jumping on the bandwagon.  Hip Hop in China is big, right? (isn’t it? Kanye sold around 3,000 tickets in Shanghai and Beijing and there are no native rappers in the mainstream, so we would question that it’s “big” though certainly popular).

So here is Time’s little video on Hip Hop in China…


Coming to Retrieve his Misplaced Shuttershades

Rumours have been swirling for weeks, and now it’s official: Grammy-winning producer/rapper Kanye West will be passing through Shanghai for a gig at Hongkou Stadium next month. Although we don’t usually take anything seriously until we read about it on Kanye’s blog, we made an exception here after speaking to Steve Sybesma, CEO of China West (who are organizing the show along with Live Nation Asia).
West: starting menacing trends from the future

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