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Askar Grey Wolf

A family member drew our attention last week to a Beijinger organised Australian tour for the Xinjiang band, Askar Grey Wolf.  We have to admit that we didn’t know too much about the band.  When we were researching, we found this article describing the current (tragic) state of Xinjiang, and the story of lead singer Askar growing up in the province.  While we write, we are listening to the joyous riot of Turkic influenced music that sits in stark contrast to the words – empty bazaars, riot police, perspex shields.  We prefer to use our imagination, which conjures up imagery of the Xinjiang John Travolta.

You can read the article HERE.  If you are Australian, you will have missed the shows, sadly, but we will be looking out for them when they return to China.

Finally, you have to love the sincerity on their Myspace:

Proudly sponsored by The Australia-China Council And Sino Gold Mining Limited

Many thanks to New Asia Pacific Travel for providing the ground transport for the band while they are in Sydney. These guys are so fantastic check out their site if you’re looking for professional travel advice!! www.napt.com.au

The band would also like the thank The Golden Century Seafood Restaurant on Sussex Street, Sydney’s premier Chinese Restaurant, for the support!!

Mongolia to Denmark…

Beijing based Mongolian Folk band Hanggai 杭盖 will attend the Roskilde Festival in July. Are they the first Chinese band to appear on the stage of Roskilde? We’re not sure, but it’s definitely another step for Chinese music on the world stage…
They even have a UK website that you can check out: