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Wukesong Update

Wukesong Arena in Beijing has had a troubled first year. Initially taking over a year to open its doors and then getting rid of AEG pretty sharply after they did actually open, the venue has been doing pretty reasonably business over the last 12 months. A string of corporate gigs, the big Usher concert last July, the big NBA game in October and various other bits and bobs have all been nice, but running an international calibre venue in China is a tough business without other revenue streams.

Which is why, in the age of an increasingly brand supported music industry, naming rights for venues like these are not just a nice to have, but vital to profitability. Despite being terminated as building management, AEG China were retained to focus on naming rights, and at the back end of last week, they came up trumps, pulling in Mastercard on a long term deal. Similar to the Shanghai MB Arena whose deal with Mercedes stipulates a set number of shows per year, there will be a show minimum at Wukesong, so we can expect more big name international stars coming through China over the next 5 years.

Mastercard takes Wukesong Naming rights

An update on AEG and the Mercedes Benz arena

Shanghai’s Expo is nearly over. Despite a certain amount of pessimism pre-event, the Expo has actually received a majority of positive feedback, certainly from the local population and most of the people involved. Shanghai has been the recipient of much governmental largesse as artists are flown in from all over the world at great expense, play to (rather too frequently) sparse crowds, but then descend on Shanghai and give a free show or two to people in the know. The huge crowds that have populated the even huger site have been exposed to all manner of crazy foreign “art” and the artists themselves have more often than not played to huge crowds of incredulous but appreciative Chinese at the various outdoor stages around the site.

That’s not to say that any kind of value for money quotient has been achieved. The huge missed opportunity to actually promote the majority of these artists properly in China has been nothing short of a tragedy, with bands, performance artists and the like in China for a single performance with no onwards Chinese or Asian touring and absolutely zero PR in local press. And the carbon footprint…

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