Shanghai Expo, in pictures

Check out this cool picture collection detailing the construction of the Shanghai Expo site

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I don’t know about you people, but we here at Radar HQ do love a bit of the Boston Globe’s Big Picture.  Step THIS WAY for a wonderful inside look at Shanghai’s Expo construction project.  Some of those pavilions are c-r-a-z-y.

At risk of cliches or bad humor, what was the Dutch architect smoking?

And was his Luxemberger mate smoking the same shit?

(UPDATE: DJ Torpedo Something Something alerted us to Adam Minter’s article on Expo construction.  Particularly awesome is the US$61m US pavilion that looks a bit like a Tesco supermarket. Country in crisis? Check that HERE.)

For those of you needing an insight into how wonderfully naff most of Expo will be, check out these videos from last night’s “30 days until Expo” opening bash.  Foreign artists included Vitas, Laura Fygi and Rain.  Please make sure you watch the second video, and tell us who the guy with sunglasses and rolled up sleeves is.  We LOVE him….

  • Zoidberg
  • Michael

    Wow- such a high caliber of talent! (was the recruitment done for this on Friday nights at KTV bars?

    I am sure Quincy Jones would be so proud of his work performed like this-

    Although the guy with the sunglasses and rolled up sleeves makes it very watchable.


  • Jeff

    The lack of migrant workers to construct these building must have really affected the work and artistic (ahem) designs?!?!

  • Michael

    Who is the the guy with the long hair and cheesy looks in black?


  • Chet

    That’s Fei Xiang (费翔) – one of the first (if not the first, I don’t remember) Taiwanese entertainer to ever had a hit in China

    “His rise to fame on mainland China came almost instantaneously from his performance at the 1987 CCTV New Year’s Gala, an action that was met with great protest by the Taiwan government. Eight subsequent albums produced in People’s Republic of China from 1986 to 2002 have made him a pop idol of the country.”

    He’s living in NYC now I think and sing in The Phantom of the Opera

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