Black Metal Chef

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Black Metal is pretty popular in China. Veganism, not quite so much. Perhaps Black Metal x Vegan can help spread the faith.

These videos have been around for some time (thanks da Volcano for the original heads up). Episode 1 is good, but we could only find it on Youtube

For those of you behind the Wall that is Firey, check out Episode 2 on Youku. You’ll get the idea.

  • That’s so great. “Crush the potatoes with the mace, and show them no mercy.”

    Actually, veganism is not so popular in the USA either. Only 5% of the population identify as any kind of vegetarian. And that’s with the best access to information on factory farming, nutrition, pollution, and animal rights issues.

    Remember Oprah and the case of meat defamation? Saying that she endorsed less meat on her show ended up costing her 3 million dollars.

    Black Metal Chef, we need you!

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