Midi Rock Music Awards

Who won the Midi Chinese rock awards?

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A couple of days ago, Midi Music School announced that they would launch the first Chinese Rock Awards. Unfortunately, they only released the nominations in Chinese.  Luckily for you guys, we translated it…


2009 Awards Category Roster

1. Album of the Year
Carsick Cars/You Can Listen You Can Talk
Thin Man瘦人/The 7th Day
Su Yang苏阳/Able and Virtuous
Miserable Faith痛仰/Don’t Stop My Music
New Pants新裤子/Savages Also Have Love
Zuoxiao Zuzhou左小祖咒/Do You Know Which Side is East?

2. Song of the Year
Perdel逃跑计划/Let’s Get Married (2008)
Miserable Faith痛仰/Anyang
Miserable Faith痛仰/West Lake

3. Best Rock Band
Miserable Faith 痛仰
New Pants 新裤子

4. Best Male Rock Performance
Hua Dong/ReTros重塑雕像的权利 (lead singer)
Xie Tianxiao 谢天笑(XTC)
Zuoxiao Zuzhou 左小祖咒

5. Best Female Rock Performance
Helen Feng/ZIYO and Pet Conspiracy 宠物同谋(vocals)
Fu Han/ Queen Sea Big Shark 后海大鲨鱼(vocals)
Kang Mao/Subs (vocals)

6. Best Hard Rock Performance
Miserable Faith 痛仰
Wang Wei & Band王威与乐队

7. Best Metal Performance
Voodoo Kungfu零壹

8. Best Live Performance
Miserable Faith痛仰
ReTros 重塑雕像的权利

9. Best Rock Instrumental Performance
Diao Lei/Honeygun and Spring & Autumn 糖果枪和春秋乐队 (drums)
Guan Wei/Muma & Third Party (guitar) 木玛&Third Party
Xia Yan (guitar) 夏炎

10. Best New Artist
Pet Conspiracy宠物同谋
The Gar嘎调

  • Ai, LOS didn’t even get a nomination. Best Female Rock Performance should be an interesting one, some of the nominations in the ohter categories seem a bit wide of the mark

  • Pete

    I’m curious as to why the nomination lists are so limited and repetitive, particularly Miserable Faith getting 2 out of 3 nods for Song of the Year.

    Can you clue us in?

  • Simon

    Torturing Nurse! Torturing Nurse!

  • admin

    As with any awards, nominations tend to be skewed to the interests of the “committee”. We assume that Miserable Faith is a big favorite with the Midi crew…

  • The members of Miserable Faith are all former Midi students and have been one of the regulars at the festivals they put on. A lot of the other nominees are friends of Midi too (of course, Midi has quite a lot of friends given their importance).

    The Song of the Year is particularly odd though. Not only do Miserable Faith get 2 of 3 nominations, the other nomination isn’t even from this year.

  • Of course, it’s based around a certain scene and any awards is going to leave out more than it includes.

    I put awards in their with comps. Dubious at best. Usually more harm than good. Ultimately meaningless.

    I’m all accoladed out recently. As Tom Lehrer once allegedly said, “political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Prize.”

    For me that’s what awards mainly do, encourage a bunch of unplanned effects, or whatever that term for that sort of thing is.

    Next Episode by LOS was produced by Yang Haisong, it’s not as if its completely off the Beijing radar or whatever.

  • Pete

    Thanks for the info. While I understand that interests are always skewed, this is a bit overboard (and masturbatory). Seems like Midi has no desire to remain relevant.

  • Guys,

    Nominations were short as those is the short-list. Before there had been over 260 bands on the “listen-to” list surplus all those bands everybody knew by himself/herself. The comittee itself consisted of over 70 people, clustered all over the music industry, even though mainly BJ-based, so I would not say that this is a all too Midi-based group. Rather Beijing-based.

    And honestly speaking, LAVA.OX.SEA would never come on my favorite list either, psychedelic is a no-go for me.

    Rock on!!!

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