And the results are out…

Midi's China Rock Music Awards happened last night and the winners are out

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Midi’s China Rock Music Awards happened last night and the winners are out.  Unsurprisingly, Midi stalwarts Miserable Faith swept the board.

You can see the full results HERE.

Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Pete


    The only two winners that make sense (Cui Jian aside) are Best Female Rock Vocal Performance (Helen Feng) and Best Rock Instrumental Performance (Diao Lei).

    AK-47 are a great band, but taking Best Metal Performance is a bit incestuous. How many gigs have they played this year here in Beijing? Two?

    Barring the nominated bands, I’d give it to newcomers Final Message or the Reason (Or even Nower, Frosty Eve or Ego Fall). They’ve busted their asses this year (among countless other metal bands) playing gigs almost every weekend, and deserve at least a shred of recognition for their efforts.

    Lots of folks lament about the metal scene not getting the props that it deserves, and it’s easy to see why when it appears that there is almost an institutional bias against bands that haven’t been around for a decade or more.

  • Hey pete,

    I have voted for The Reason, cause I think they kick ass! I saw them live this August and I goddamn it loved their performance. Finally a good core band kickin ass… but as votes and nominations go, this is a majority decision, so AK-47 got mor votes and well… thats were they go…

    Rock on!!!

  • Pete

    Right on, Max.

    The Reason is the most visceral new band that I’ve seen this year. Understandable about the votes, but man… it’s time to pass the torch to the new guys.

    Glad you voted for them! Their debut LP should out later this year.

  • But that’s majority decision. There are more than 70 nominators involded, so instead of moaning about the decision, we should maybe be glad that such democratic structures are evolving in China’s underground circles 😉

    And a real Awards ceremony would not be real if they don’t resemble the Emmy Awards first Metal Decision: Jethro Thrull in front of Metallica … 😉

    The Reason had already released one or two years ago an EP, hence the their present uploaded MySpace songs are belonging to a record called The Reason II.


  • Pete

    Right, set to release their debut LP (as opposed to their previous EP).

    Sure, those democratic structures are certainly wonderful, but I think it’s irrelevant if only a handful of MIDI-affiliated bands were nominated to begin with.

    I still don’t understand how in the “Song of the Year” category, Miserable Faith was nominated twice (out of a possible three).

    That’s just ridiculous.

  • I guess there is a little missunderstanding.

    These “nominations” are the shortlists of the votes of 76 judges. The original “first-listening” list of bands distributed along with the vote forms was 260 bands long including Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’an, Tianjin, etc. bands (also LAVA.OX.SEA, The Reason and many others). And if juries knew further band they were open to vote for these as well. no boundaries on the nominations, just majority rule for the shortlistings.

    So the comprehensive results from these where then pulled together as the nominations, out of which the standing committee has put out the winners, I am not quite sure on the last part, as I had not too much time to get involved, but that should have been the process.

    So in guess 20 people think Miserable Faith’s Anyang song is good, 20 people think that West Lake rules and another 30 have a vote in for that other song, well, thats how it is.

  • Pete

    Ah, got it. Thanks for clearing that up.

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