SF Music Matters Asia

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This just in – Music Matters Asia expands to San Francisco this year with performances by leading indie rock outfits from around East Asia. A preview weekend event for CAAMFest (formerly the San Francisco International Asian-American Film Festival), the event teams up Music Matters with leading promoters Maybe Mars (China), DFSB Kollective (Korea) and The Wall (Taiwan) along with Singapore’s Viki.com to bring familiar acts such as Carsick Cars, The Gar and WHITE+ to play in San Francisco March 7-8.

Check out the poster for a full lineup and find out more about the event here. After a tour by Re-TROS and New Pants at the Creators Project San Francisco, the West Coast of the US is getting more and more popular with touring Chinese indie bands. Though your Radar correspondent is an unrepentant East Coaster, it’s great to see areas of North America outside of New York and Austin, TX (SXSW) on more tour itineraries.

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