Mao Live to be knocked down?

Mao Livehouse Shanghai to be knocked down?

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Hot off the notorious Shanghai rumor mill: recently opened live venue Mao Shanghai is in a bit of trouble. The owners of the real estate has apparently decided that a single undeveloped building in the huge and increasingly bourgeois Red Town “Creative” compound is a business opportunity overlooked, even though said building is home to China’s premiere live venue.  And so, barely 6 months after it was opened, is Mao doomed not to last out 2010??

The Mao story is long and convoluted.  Rather than reprising, we draw your attention to the number of posts in this here blog, discussing the whys and wherefores.

HERE for the Soma x Dream Factory debacle

HERE for the end of that little saga

HERE for the start of Mao Shanghai

Despite initial teething problems, an ongoing inability to run an even passable attempt of a bar, plus a soundsystem that should be better for the size of venue, the venture was in the most part well executed and definitely showed that there was a need for a mid sized room in a city of Shanghai’s size.  We have been there for nights as varied as a HK label showcase (rammed with not a single laowai except for yours truly), a metal moshfest (punctuated by random ambient jazz), an Icelandic orchestral quartet, and some Japanese post rock. The venue has raised the bar, not only in Shanghai, but also in China.

Of course in China, nothing is for certain.  Despite the significant investment in the renovation and equipment and the success of the venue, it looks like Mao might not make it to its first birthday. We hope and pray that this isn’t true…

Watch this space

  • Davolcano

    Just goes to, once again, show that Shanghai is not the music mecca and never will be….only good for glitz and discos….yaaaawn…who cares….I guess there is still live music at Manhatten…hahahaha….suckers!

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  • Lisa Movius

    Mao’s demise is not at all imminent. The property may be developed, we have been informed, but if it is it will not be before next year. (Other people may have been told otherwise, but that is what the landlord has told the Mao directors.)

    The Mao directors – Soma and Bad News Records – remain fully commited to the concept of Mao. They have enough advance notice to plan ahead for a potential move. They have begun scouting out possible locations, and express their enthusiasm about the options available. They are confident that if/when Mao moves, the new location will if anything improve upon the current one.

  • Zoidberg

    What we really should be talking about is the demise of the KTV next door. A) because it had the best neon sign ever and B) because their xiaojies wore those shimmery tops that you can kinda see their goodies through.

    Someone please tell me that place is actually alive and well and it’s just that they were on holiday when I was last over by MAO for the Olafur Arnalds gig.

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