China’s top 5 music videos…

China's top 5 music videos

  • Jeremy

    carsick cars sings “this is a square with no hope”…

  • LouisLeiYu

    hahaha, 4/5 videos all feature piano intro/throughout, then the chorus verse chorus structure, with the exception of Penny Tai (who’s a piano player herself)
    This is how I describe Chinese commercial pop to my friends “let’s do Celine Dion, she seems to be classy in the West, but our singers can’t do the high voices …. ok then let’s pile on the drama and melody at the chorus to make up for it.”
    Cept they take it to the extreme, with piano intro and same structure for every song, you think the listeners are sick of “ding ding ding” piano intro and a ballade about love by now…

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  • 让我觉得很失望。。。

    Interesting to think about how the popularity of KTV can drive music so much. I’m guessing a huge reason why these are the top 5 is because they are easing to sing karaoke to.

  • LouisLeiYu

    yeah, another reason is that most of these “singers” arn’t singers, like Jerry Yan’s not a singer, he was discovered cause he was hot, first to be an “actor”, now a “singer” …. if they want you to be a singer or an actor or whatever, they’ll make it so …

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