Kaiser Kuo Interview in SmartBeijing

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Very insightful interview with Kaiser Kuo – Spring and Autumn guitarist, Baidu international spin doctor, Sinica Podcast host and China rawk elder statesman – in Smart Beijing. Josh Feola sat down with Kuo for a freewheeling discussion that covers everything from his musical history with Tang Dynasty to where the hipsters of Beijing lived in the late 1980s (there were none, unfortunately), to why he thinks Zuoxiao Zuzhou is a “poser.” Radar laoban Archie had the pleasure of being a guest on Kuo’s Sinica podcast in the summer of 2011, in which they had a spirited discussion about intellectual property, the value of musicianship and the perpetual Beijing-Shanghai rivalry.

For the entire interview, go here.

To listen to the Sinica podcast with Kaiser, Archie and Michael Pettis of Maybe Mars, click here.

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