Shanghai’s underground getting some international attention

Shanghai's underground music scene getting some international attention

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Usually, it’s Beijing’s bands and venues that get the international headlines. The Guardian, BBC, PRS, New York Times, Wall Street Journal have all got in on the act of calling Beijing the new “(insert name here)”.

Perhaps it is a sign of the times and the bands and venues that are now taking up the mantle in China’s financial hub, but the Miami Herald have just written a surprisingly well researched two pager into Shanghai’s underground. Of course, prompted by Expo, but hey, Shanghai’s musicians deserve some loving.

You can read all about it HERE.

  • Andy Best

    Alex was a really nice guy. His mentor on his course here, Rebecca Kantor, had written up our PETA show and knows the Yang Pu people like Liu Jian already.

    It was a pleasure to hang with them and I could tell he was going to do a good piece as he really went all out to meet everyone and get a variety of viewpoints.

    Nice work!

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