Rock in China

Beijing Review releases 'Rock in China', the most comprehensive English language resource on Chinese contemporary music

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We have been planning to write a little piece on Rock in China – we still will, when we get it together.  In the meantime, Beijing Review has jumped our gun – you can read a short article HERE.

Rock in China is by far the most comprehensive English language resource on Chinese contemporary music.  It is run by Yu Yang and the guys behind Painkiller Magazine, China’s leading heavy metal publication, which has a distribution of around 40,000 heads.  Painkiller recently brought the German gothic symphonic metal band Lacrimosa to China for the second time – the band played the Star Live and the Luwan gymnasium to about 1,000 people each.  Rock in China are looking for volunteers to help them maintain the site.  If you fancy helping, get in touch with them. MLVONSCHAPER [AT] YAHOO [DOT] DE

  • Morgan did his mp3 Monday column on them the other week as well.

  • Hi there! Thanks for the words, but just one thing, I am one of the initiator of this website but certainly not the only main force behind it, Max aka Azrael has been my partner in this since the very beginning and it was also his idea to go as a stand alone portal instead of previously as a sub columne of Painkiller, later our code backbone Match came to the team, so the three of us are the main core. Nowadays, the Painkiller guys has nothing to do with it anymore.

    we encourage anyone who is very much welcome to contribute to this database for updates, new entries, corrections etc. Bands, promotors, labels, music lovers, students, journalist and anyone who can provide anything to enrich this unique source, please do so.

    ps.: Painkiller did the first Lacrimosa show two years ago, but this year it is who overtook things, we just helped in Promotion taskes. 😉

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