Does anyone really care? Myspace in China

Myspace China lays off 2/3's of staff. Heading for the exit

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And so, after months of conjecture (and a definite confirmation about a month ago to the Radar), it looks like is heading for the exit. According to Mobinode, the News Corp owned company is laying off 2/3’s of staff, including the CEO and COO. This isn’t limited to China though – the whole world is seeing Myspace shrinkage, after a horrendous and abortive “relaunch” in October 2010.

Did Myspace make any impact at all in China? Not in our experience. We never used it; we never encountered an artist that did. Since October, the site has been completely unusable here in China.

Myspace China the end is nigh

Apparently, News Corp is considering selling the faded giant to Yahoo.

  • I did meet issues while trying to check some artists last time I tried, but few years ago I used to find some cool indie bands on there. MySpace has always been a cool place for bands and music fans. But I guess chinese ones are all on douban now…
    — Woods

  • I’m pretty positive that more musicians used myspace than douban last year… It was the defacto home presence for most Beijing bands that didn’t have a personal domain.
    Unfortunately, over the past few months, it became harder to use and utilize with photos timing out and blogs blocked. The only useful functionality was music streaming 🙁
    Not that I mind, au contraire! Douban is much friendlier and cleaned than myspace ever was and i much prefer it….
    Still, I wonder what would have happened if myspace’s functionality was not crippled with the timeouts.

  • jojo with love

    another ridiculous thing about is, account cannot apply to, nor pages can be found through

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