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  • Steve McClure

    Good afternoon. I hope this finds you well.

    As you may know, I left Billboard (where I was Asia bureau chief) at the end of September to go freelance. One of the publications I’m now doing some work for is IQ, a London-based magazine that covers the touring business.

    I’m writing a story for IQ about the Chinese post-Olympics concert market, focusing on whether there are more opportunities for foreign acts to tour this potentially huge market. Have the repercussions from the Bjork/Tibet incident died down, and what further growth can we expect in the Chinese touring market?

    Any observations/comments you care to share with me by the weekend would be greatly appreciated. We can talk about this on the phone if you prefer.

    Best regards,

    Steve McClure

  • Hi guys,

    thanks for posting the scedule for MIDI online.
    Only the link to Blind Sight is broken. It should be

    Thank you!

    gr Geert

    Excuse me ;0)

    gr Geert

  • John Cappo

    I want to Know what is the opinion of China Music Radar on this proposed merger between Ticketmaster and Live Nation?

    Surely this can not be good for music fans??

  • Did the mysterious Steve McClure ever do anything and/or write anything – probably not!

  • Wondering if you know anything about this event


    Distinguished Artist

    The Bund——one of most important landmark of Shanghai will reopen to the public with its brand new appearance on March 30. In order to celebrate this memorable time, Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, together with Propaganda Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee, Huangpu District Committee and Shanghai Media Group will hold a special program named “International Music Pageant Falling on the Bund”. The program, which is undertaken by Art Channel of SMG, will be lively broadcasted to the whole world through SMG’s Dragon TV and other overseas media groups on March 30, 2010.

    The Shanghai Bund has dozens of historical buildings, lining the Huangpu River, that once housed numerous banks and trading houses from Britain, France, the U.S., Russia, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and Belgium, so it once was called “Oriental Wall Street”. Last year, Shanghai Municipal Government started a re-construction project so as to make the Bund more attractive. So in our spectacular event, with the theme of “Civilized River, Civic Song”, we will invite world top musicians and choirs to perform both at the Bund and our other sub venues, such as the Danube, the Ganges River, the Nile and the Mississippi River. At the last part of our International Music Celebration, we will invite the musicians and choirs in all the venues to sing “the Song of Joy” together. Through this celebration, we hope to show the passion of Shanghai People and the charm of the Bund.

    As a worldwide famous artist, —- owns good reputation and thousands of Chinese admirers. So we sincerely invite you to join us in this special celebration on March 30, 2010. We look forward to your reply.

    Yours sincerely
    Arts Channel, Shanghai Media Group
    March 4, 2010

  • admin

    They did contact us to find them an international artist – they wanted a headliner (a list including Backstreet Boys and Ricky Martin was included when they made the request with a highly unlikely 7 weeks to the event) and they wanted the headliner to come for (extremely) cheap due to the prestige of the event. All fairly standard. If course, we had no success…

  • I was asked a couple weeks ago to help out since I had access to a few of the artists that was requested.

    Upon doing online research, I couldn’t find ANYTHING that confirmed that the event will actually be produced – though the reopening of The Bund was confirmed

    My first question was to find out who was actually making the request and paying the expenses. After being stonewalled (typical Chinese procedure), their request was turned down flat.

    Will the event actually happen? Will Dragon TV be broadcasting the event?

    Look forward to your answers after your returned from SXSW. Hey, go check out Margaret Cho’s performances in Austin! Wouldn’t it be great to bring Margaret to Beijing/Shanghai to make things exciting?!?!?! (the censors would have a field day for years when reviewing her content/jokes)

  • China Music Radar is a great resource and has given us a lot of insight into the touring scene in China.

    Heima ~ Runar and Elin are an Icelandic band that have been playing in China for the last 5 years. They are the first foreign band to successfully release an album in Xiamen, and we’re looking forward to setting up a tour for this fall.

    We are open to suggestions for the best venues for a good tour. We’ve travelled a lot and recognize the limitations of the Chinese music scene, but we’re hoping to help to break new ground here and open up some of the music scene to western talent that isn’t in any way controversial.

  • Hi CMR, i’m looking for a music festival organizer who can bring MARIONEXXES from Malaysia to perform there. Let me know if you can help us.
    Thank you.

  • XiaoYan

    Hi there,

    I am writing from the online travel content provider – Frommers’ Unlimited.

    Can you please let me how I can find out more about Great Wall festival? Or other major music festivals that are happening in China? It appears to me that it’s an exciting time for music in China right now and I would like to include interesting features on our website?

    Here’s our website

    Thank you.

    Zhuang Xiaoyan
    Frommers Unlimited
    +44 (0) 20 7770 6060

  • hi

    my name is prayer and my stage name is prayersoul. I am a musician who
    does neo-soul music. I am from Zimbabwe in Africa. I was wondering how you
    would be able to assist me with how i may be involved in the festival
    business as a performing artist. I could send my material if it required.

    your response will be greatly appreciated.


  • Babs Umar

    I am a musician living in Ghana, the heart of Africa. I was disappointed when i read about Sino Japanese Boys Band sold 80,000 and the concert been canceled. please if you can linked me up with Sino, to perform with the band on one stage i will be amazed. my email is [email protected]

  • Pine_wxs

    What is the RSS Feed for this website?

  • Seat Belts planning” DetroitROCK” tour ..Hong Kong 2012

  • Luka


    my name is Lukas Slavicek. I am originally from Czech Republic and I live in China around 3,5 years.
    I stay in Gungdong province.
    In my country i was quite active in underground culture community.
    I have many connection with many of Czech underground and punk and post punk bands.

    Do you have any idea how to start if I would like to organise some tours for band from there?
    Do you have any idea about person I should contact with?
    I would like to cooperate with some local guys and do but not easy to find people from this kind of community.

    Thank you for any answer.

    All the best to Dragon year, Lukas

  • Old Dobe

    New Techno artist here for China Old Dobe

  • jeff lee

    Hey to y’all in the “Big C(hina)” and the great Archie – who I had the pleasure to meet for a New York moment.

    I heard that 50 Cent will be performing in GZ in early May 2013 at a private club and the producer doesn’t seem to know (or at least didn’t want to tell me) if government approval has/had been given. Any 411 on this??


  • i have artist,bands,orquest latinos for any event or conciert we are looking for event in casino or any place to play more info at [email protected]

  • Welcome to COLISIUM international music convention at 16-18 of May 2013, Moscow, Russia
    All details at

  • Paul

    Dear China Music Radar,

    The last couple of days my friends and I have been going crazy over some stickers we came accross in many Beijing venues and on the streets. It’s a logo of something like a Phoenix with the title: RELEASE The Future is Yours! Coming Soon… I didn’t make the link earlier, but now I saw some advertising on Facebook as well. The same name and logo, but now with the text “Experience Electronic Dance Music to the MAX! Coming soon to Beijing, be prepared…” It links to an event with the date of 29th of November 2013… Hereby a picture I took with my phone

    Please help us, do you happen to have heard any rumors about a new party coming up?
    By the looks of it it sounds interesting, at least it got people talking already!! 🙂

  • chinamusicradar

    Hey! So you know the name of the event, the date on which it takes place, the kind of music being showcased, the city…sounds like you’ve got it covered!

  • Mark Terrell Linkin Park will finally return this year to China

  • Love the information on this blog! Keep me updated with the current situation of Chinese indie music industry! Good job!

  • Thanks a lot for the feedback!

  • Max Otta

    Do you like the french music?

  • Barry Drake

    Greetings, Barry International Man of Eros proponent of REAL MUSIC by REAL MUSICIANS now offers the international music world an Alternative to the creatively devoid product major labels force upon music listeners. Our bands are of superior quality, we are original, we don’t sound like ‘everybody else’. Our track “Teaser” is getting airplay on KHTS in Shanghai, we are rocking China and you didn’t know it..

  • lotharbass

    Dutch band The Uprisers are looking for music festivals in China for their forest tour 2016

  • Tommy Evans

    Take a peek at an upcoming track from American underground artist Sedated