Happy birthday to you…

This weekend marks the birthday celebrations for the Shelter, Yuyintang and Split Works

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This weekend marks significant birthday celebrations for 3 of China’s most enduring musical institutions.

  • the Shelter in Shanghai will be 2 years old.  They are gunning hard with a triple bill this Thursday, Friday and Saturday with DJ Distance the highlight for us on Saturday night, but also a knees up with the local promoters and DJs all getting loose tonight.
  • Yuyintang turns 5.  They have come a long way since warm beer and trough toilets on Longcao Lu.  They will be celebrating on Friday with an allstar local cast of the Mushrooms, Yuguo, Cold Fairyland and Weghur.
  • Split Works turns 3 – December 8th 2006 was the day Maximo Park paired up with Queen Sea Big Shark in Beijing’s Star Live and Sonnet in Shanghai’s 4Live (RIP).  Hollerado play an unofficial birthday party in YYT on Sunday night.

So get out there and toast.  It’s a tough biz, and these three are working hard to give you what you want (or at least what they think you want!!).

  • Many happy returns. May all three live long and prosper

  • Pete

    Ditto. (I remember that Maximo Park show, by the way. Good stuff.)

  • The Mushrooms set was mad, you couldn’t fit another person in and when it went off you had no control of where you were going 🙂 After two songs, mind you, it got so hot that a bunch of people bailed and it went down to just mild crush with some jumping space.

    What was with the bunch of people standing at the side of the stage? Some had cameras but they mainly just stood there being ‘official’.

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