Chinese dubstep?

Shanghai's DJ ChaCha has laid down a sick track with dubstep pioneer Kode9

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We at the Radar are partial to a bit of online radio.  We’ve also known for quite some time that Shanghai’s very own ChaCha (who is the gorgeous and talented female MC from Guangzhou that rips it up weekly in the Shelter) has been working with a lot of the Shelter’s international guests.  Imagine our surprise when we were listening to one of the world’s most prominent experimental radio programmes and we heard this track

Kode9 and Space Ape feat Cha Cha – ‘Time Patrol’ (Hyperdub)

Yes, not only has ChaCha laid down a sick track with THE dubstep pioneer Kode9, but it is getting commercial radio play in the UK.  ChaCha, big up yourself!

Here is a photo of ChaCha at the 2007 Yue Festival in Shanghai:

  • Hi, can you try to put in the MP3 link again? No link or photo, so curious to hear the track!

  • admin

    Find it HERE and hope that you don’t live in China – terrible, terrible stream!

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