It’s true – Modern Sky Festival decimated

No foreign artists will be allowed to play at the upcoming Modern Sky Music festival

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After proudly claiming that “at least half the bands on the main stage will be foreign”, Modern Sky Festival has been rocked by the news (reported HERE yesterday) that no foreign artists will be able to perform the festival this year.  We assume this is in large part to prevent the Buzzcocks from igniting the masses into frenzies of anti-capitalism!!

This reminds us (as if we were ever in danger of forgetting) that we are doing business in a very hostile environment. Indeed, much progress has been made in recent years, but it will be hard for the music industry in China to develop any sense of solidity and purpose until these kinds of mistakes are erased. The official statement is below.

海外乐队全部取消 摩登天空音乐节照常举办



All international acts for the 2009 Modern Sky Festival have been cancelled.

Modern Sky regrets to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances, the 14 international acts originally scheduled to perform at the 2009 Modern Sky Festival will be unable to attend. We offer our sincerest apologies for the disappointment.

However, the organizers are determined to move forward as planned. The time and place of the festival – October 4-7 at Beijing’s Chaoyang Park – has not changed. As for the international acts who will now not be performing, Modern Sky will be setting up a “Main Stage + MySpace Stage” at the festival grounds, so that fans can still enjoy the music.

A new performance lineup and ticket prices are in the process of being adjusted; Modern Sky appreciates your patience and understanding during this time. Updated information and directions on how to refund tickets will be coming shortly.

Again, Modern Sky expresses its sincerest apologies and gratitude for your continued support

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  • nada

    This is likely just to be another power trip by the notoriously difficult Chaoyang District Public Security Bureau. Looks like the Modern Sky boys didn’t have all of their “guanxi” lined up as well as they thought. Keep in mind that the PSB has the power to stop an event anytime just for kicks. It doesn’t matter that the festival had all the performance permits from the Ministry of Culture for all the international bands. There doesn’t need to be a logical reason or explanation – it might be “just because they can.”

  • With even the proxies no longer working I’m not Surprised by the announcement, especially when I saw the strong billing that seemed a little too good to be true for such a touchy time. As for the Chaoyang, PSB perhaps this is the sign that maybe we should still look to Dongcheng, Tongzhou and Haidian for future festival plans leave Chaoyang to its KTV’s and overpriced hotel bars.

  • put a boom box with cassettes where the stages should have been .. that would be comment enough

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