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China Music Radar is a website about the music industry in China.  Especially the emerging popular music scene and related trends, from independent to mainstream artists.

Maintained by Beijing and Shanghai-based promotion company Split Works, the Radar is a first-hand resource for the latest news and updates about the country’s burgeoning music industry.

We are committed to promoting the growth of the music scene here in China. We strive for an impartial analysis of that scene, but we are also part of it, bear this in mind while reading. Comments and alternate perspectives always welcome. Enjoy!

Split Works and partner company Splatter provide consulting services in China for artists, labels, brands thinking about entering the market.

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  • We want to play china! I visited shanghai last january and was blown away by the excitement and the energy of the city. i have no idea where to start. can you help?

  • I am searching for a way to send a demo for the 2010 midi festival…can you help?..Thanks,Dan

  • Congrats on the site, nice to see somewhere that looks at the music scene from a realistic perspective for once.

  • Sonorefiction

    Hi from France !
    I love your blog but  how should I do to share my ambient-experimental-electro music to Chinese People ?
    I hope you may help me, and then help Sounds to be Universal !
    Bonne journée, et  à bientôt !
    : )
    (I’ll be very happy you just have a look to my sound’s, I hope)